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C.H. Jewelry

Since 2019

"We cherish the classics,
merging them with everyday moments,
to create these unique pieces just for you."


Stay Classy, Stay Chic

Our Story

C.H. was established in 2019.

Christie, with a background as a commercial jewelry photographer,

brings a unique aesthetic perspective to everyday life.

With a strong dedication to color and balance,

she designs pieces that are both classic and distinctive.


C.H. represents the brand's founder, Christie Huang,

but also signifies " Converge Halation ", which means "Converging light and shadow ".

Whether in visual imagery, the refraction of jewelry, or conceptual representation,

light and shadow are inseparable from life, hence the name.


We hope that C.H. not only brings exquisite designs but also offers a warm, approachable yet elegant unique experience.

Our Service

C.H. Jewelry

▪︎ C.H. Design Series

▪︎ Designer Limited Edition Item

▪︎ C.H. Bespoke Jewelry 

▪︎ Marriage Ring / Couple Rings


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