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Anti-Fraud Statement

Dear Customer,

C.H. Jewelry  will never ask for your financial account or credit card information via SMS or phone calls under any name or pretext, nor will we ask you to go to the bank or operate an ATM through such methods. If you receive any related calls or text messages, please be vigilant and do not trust instructions from unknown callers. If in doubt, please contact C.H. Jewelry Seek Light immediately or call the Anti-Fraud Hotline of the Police Administration at 165 for verification.

When you receive calls starting with '+', '+2', '+886', or similar from unknown sources, please be extra cautious and beware of tactics where the caller may falsify their phone number or pretend to be a specific company, bank, or judicial agency. Also, do not click on unknown links, invitations from unrecognized LINE friends, or SMS.

Common scam tactics, such as 'duplicate orders' or 'mistaken installment setups', are used to gain the consumer's trust before asking them to perform online banking or ATM operations. If it relates to bank transactions, please call your bank directly. If a caller asks you to operate an account or provide information, please refuse directly to reduce the risk of fraud.

Also, please regularly update your passwords and enhance password strength (using a mix of uppercase, lowercase, and numbers), and avoid entering your account and password on public computers to improve your information security.

Wishing you well,
C.H. Jewelry

165 National Anti-Fraud Network: https://165.npa.gov.tw/

C.H. Jewelry Customer Service Line: 0902-057528

C.H. Jewelry Line@ Account: https://line.me/R/ti/p/@410sbdut

C.H. Jewelry Customer Service Email:  catcher.noble10@gmail.com